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Mar ’20

Feb ‘20

JumpCamp on Assignment at Mt Baker

Thanks to our American homedogs for the hospitality. Killer weekend on assignment at the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom.


Jan ’20

Ho ho ho homies!

We hooked up the Lake Trail boys club with boards, boots, outerwear & passes. Thanks to everyone involved.

Jumcamp ski Goggle ski gear giveaway

Nov ’19

Forbidden Electric

Yo, if you want that energy to flow you better call Joe.

Joseph Conley

Cell: (250) 650-6670

Office: (250) 338-1555


Forbidden Electric


Pacific Board Art Show

The JumpCamp Christmas Snowboard Drive ‘19

Christmas is coming so it’s time for JumpCamp’s annual Snowboard Drive.

“Just like a toy drive we’re collecting snowboards, boots, jackets and pants to be distributed to less fortunate youth and families in the Comox Valley,” said JumpCamp owner and operator Patrick Kitto.

“At JumpCamp we understand that snowboarding can be an expensive sport and we want to provide as much help to get kids involved,” Kitto said. “Last year we were able to donate ten boards and lots of gear to the John Howard Society for their youth programs. This year we want to double that!”

“The JumpCamp Snowboard Drive works with many local organizations and businesses to make this happen but we depend on the generosity of the people in the Comox Valley to make donations.” he added.

Gear can be dropped off at the front desk of the Lewis Centre at 489 Old Island Highway, or call / text Patrick at (250) 792-2896 www.jumpcamp.com for pickup. You can also donate your refundable empties at the bottle depot to account “JumpCamp” # 554 to support the JumpCamp Snowboard Drive. So get that old board out of the closet and gear out of the back shed and make a difference in a youth’s life this year.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

The drive will run from Nov. 12- Dec. 18.


Sept ’19

Kindred Snowboards

Get ahold of our homies if you want a custom shredder for this season.


Aug ’19

Beer and boards. Now we’re talkin’.


July ’19

Summer of the Snake

Victoria’s finest are coming back for a visit August 9. V.I. Jaks & JumpCamp present a night of deadly venomous VicTown Rock’n’roll!


West Coast Triple Plank

Absolute wicked day for the west coast triple plank banked slalom! Thanks for putting on such a killer event for a great cause.

Mar ’19

Punk Rock back where it belongs.
March 29th we’ve got punk rock royalty coming to the Avalanche to rip it up!
JumpCamp and K.O.R. present Victown Invasion 2019 featuring Automatic Chaos, Fully Crazed and Class of 1984.

Class of 1984

Feb ’19

Jan ’19


It’s time for JumpCamp’s annual snowboard gear drive again.

“Just like a toy drive we’re collecting snowboards, boots, jackets and pants to be distributed to less fortunate youth and families in the Comox Valley,” said JumpCamp owner and operator Patrick Kitto.

“At JumpCamp we understand that snowboarding can be an expensive sport and we want to provide as much help to get kids involved,” Kitto said. “Last year we were able to donate ten boards and lots of gear to the John Howard Society for their youth programs. This year we want to double that!”

Gear can be dropped off at the front desk of the Lewis Centre at 489 Old Island Highway, or call Patrick at (250) 792-2896 for pickup.

So get that old board out of the closet and gear out of the back shed and make a difference in a youth’s life this year.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

The drive will continue until February 23.

With all the gear from the JumpCamp Snowboard Drive we were able to hook up the Lake Trail Boys Club & take them shredding. Thanks to all those who donated & support the youth.


The Radicals is an awesome film that every shredder should see.
If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Nov ’18

JumpCamp is proud to announce our new sponsor…

We love Tofino and surfing so of course we jumped at the chance to partner with our friends at the Pacific Sands Resort.


Check out this great opportunity if you have young skiers/boarders in your family!

Aug ’18

Game of Skate
August 11 – 5pm – Lewis Park

An epic battle to crown the flatland King and Queen of the Comox Valley.
SKATE a.k.a Game of Skate is a head to head skateboarding game using rules based upon the H.O.R.S.E. game played by basketball players. One player starts by doing a particular skateboarding trick of their choice. If the trick is not landed, another player attempts to set a trick. Once a trick has been set (landed), the other player must respond by doing the same trick in their first try. If they make it the game continues; if they miss it, they get a letter, starting with S, and so on, until they have missed five tricks, spelling SKATE, and they are out.
The contest will take place on the outdoor stage beside the parking lot in Lewis Park and is open to girls and boys of all ages and abilities.
$5 registration fee and two categories; 13 and under and 14 and older.
Lots of prizes and snacks from our awesome sponsors; Volcom, SushiSnax, Onethirtythree, Airhouse, Sandbox, Reharmonization, Blue Toque, Epic Board Skins and RK Designs.

So get your board out and start fine tuning your flatland tricks for combat in the first Game of Skate that will no doubt be an annual event in the Comox Valley.

Spectators are encouraged to come watch and cheer on their favourite skaters vying for skateboard supremacy and glory .

June ’18

Winter on the Rock 2017/18

As you shred-heads know Vancouver Island got nuked with snow this year. Power outages, tsunami warnings and buried cars were only a few of the cool things we experienced this year. It was absolutely crazy and we loved every minute of it.

Gumby the snow worm’s head was seen poking out the powder all season. If you saw him you have been blessed.

2018 JumpCamp was amazing!
The riders came from far and wide to improve their skills and that’s exactly what they did. The good riders became great, rad dudes transformed into totally awesome and the wicked shreds left JumpCamp completely lit af. Thanks to our shred technicians for coaching and all of our awesome sponsors for all the goods.

T.C.B. since ’99.

Going back up North eh.
Yep, we got the call from Melinda at the Port Hardy Recreation Centre asking if we were coming back for SkateCamp. We love it up there so of course we said yes and began planning our skateboarding, fishing and camping visit to this beautiful and historic area again.

JumpCamp ain’t goin’ nowhere. You have been warned.
Peace and love.

April ’18

The Second Annual WESTCOAST TRIPLE PLANK is officially on for May 3rd-5th 2018.

The WESTCOAST TRIPLE PLANK is a friendly snow, skate, and surf event held in Ucluelet, Tofino and Mount Washington Alpine resort on Vancouver Island, BC. 100% of proceeds are donated to CENTRAL WESTCOAST FOREST SOCIETY, a local registered charity working on restoring local forest and stream ecosystems.

Triple PLank



Feb ’18

JumpCamp Poster 2018

Thanks to Brad at Logistica Systems for this masterpiece of a poster. We’re stoked to be running JumpCamp for the hundredth year. We refuse to go away! Sign up today and secure your spot in one of this year’s JumpCamp sessions.

Mount Washington Instagram

Ole sent our buddy who takes care of the MtWash “Gram” a pic and seconds later it went viral. Then a couple hours later no one cared.

JumpCamp New Location – Forbidden Plateau Mountain Resort

Yes, ladies and gentleman JumpCamp has relocated to a new spot. The Forbidden Plateau Mountain Resort will be our home from now on. Remember the DC Mountain Lab? Well, JumpCamp is teaming up with the Forbidden Plateau Mountain Resort to bring you baddest shred facility around. Stay tuned…

Jan ’18

Our pal and Mount Cain superstar; Neil Borecki needed some photos for an article so I gladly hooked him up. Now he owes us for life.



Iconic and quirky, Mount Cain is more than a mere ski hill. It’s a cog set of individuals making turns for themselves and for the better.


Dec. ’17

Snowboard Gear Drive

This year, JumpCamp did a snowboard gear drive during the Christmas holidays. Just like a toy drive we collected snowboards, boots, jackets and pants and distributed them to less fortunate youth and families in the Comox Valley. At JumpCamp we understand that snowboarding can be an expensive sport and we want to provide as much help to get kids involved. The drive will definately be an annual thing.

So stoked to be able to donate this gear to the John Howard Society for their youth programs! Thanks to everyone involved.

Nov. ’17

Totally Epic

Thanks to Epic Board Skins for the killer signs. Check out how those reflective letters pop!
Hit these guys up for all your signs, vehicle wraps, stickers and more. Visit epic boardskins

JumpCamp On the Gram

Yo dudes! JumpCamp is now on Instagram. Follow us for up to date pics of our feet and sandwiches. #jumpcamp

RIP Forbidden Skatepark

Normally I like destruction but this is different. I guess you can’t stop progress.
I’m really looking forward to the 7/11 they’re putting up there next.



Demolition 2017


Sept ’17

Riot Brewing Co. X JumpCamp

We scored another rad sponsorship recently for our "coaches meetings". This is the best kind of sponsor because you can't eat or drink a hoody. The beer is delicious and the graphics are by legendary skate artist Jimbo Phillips so you know we had to go for it. Go check out their amazing brewery in Chemainus and skate the new park.

Riot Beer

Thank you dudes. Life's a riot!

Aug ’17

Maple Park 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament 

Saturday September 2nd the Comox Valley Athletic Association and JumpCamp presents an all ages, girls and boys, 3 on 3 basketball tournament including a half court shot contest, dunk contest and king of the court contest.
"We’re stoked to be bringing this street ball tournament to the Comox Valley for all the basketball enthusiasts,” said Eli Blake assistant coach of the CVAA boys basketball and part organizer of the Maple Park 3 on 3 tournament. "Get your team together for a wicked day of streetball, barbeque, music and fun!” Blake added.
The tournament is open to all ballers and begins at 10am at Maple Park, Grieve Ave and 18th street Courtenay. The cost is $30 per team and includes bragging rights, glory and lots of prizes from local sponsors; Blue Toque, JumpCamp, Thrifty Foods, White Whale, Comox Valley Boxing Club, Play N Trade, A&W, Sport Chek, Water Pure & Simple, Boston Pizza, Happy's Source For Sports, Best Buy and Onethirtythree.

Comox Record Press Release

3 on 3 touramentCVAA 3 on 3CVAA 3 on 3

CVAA 3 on 3

July ’17

SkateCamp Port Hardy was awesome!

Melinda from the Port Hardy Rec Centre called and asked JumpCamp to come and do a SkateCamp for the local kids. As you know, when it comes to the kids we don't disappoint so we packed up our skates and camping gear and headed north.

Thanks to Jordan & Brian Savard from Radius Skateparks for their ramp donation, Coach Toovey for his infinite shred knowledge and our amazing sponsors for all the prizes and food; the Cove, IGA Port McNeill, Volcom, Sandbox, Blue Toque, Skidlords and Onethirtythree. Support these companies 'cause they support the youth. They are the ones that make a brighter day so let's start giving!

We will be back to camp out and transform more youth from scooter kids to skaters.

Article from North Island Gazette



New Sponsor! Valley Auto Spa 

We've been trying to score a truck detailing sponsor for a little while and our pals at Valley Auto Spa came through big time for us. After all of our missions up the mountain and all over Vancouver Island the JumpCamp mobile gets pretty nasty. The professional crew at Valley Auto Spa cleaned, waxed, buffed, steamed and polished the truck inside and out. They did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to keep their g-ride in tip top shape! Thanks a lot.  

 BEFORE, Beat down, dried up and smelling like a wet dog.

 AFTER, Mega pimped! Looking tight inside and out.

Keep strivin' and survivin' my friends and remember what the Great One, Wayne Gretzy said,

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take."

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June ’17

Skate Camp Port Hardy


We’ve been asked by the Port Hardy Rec Centre to go do a SkateCamp for them in July.
                SkateCamp is an all ages and abilities skills camp and we’ll be going to Port Hardy, July 17, 18 to shred their park and help the local kids progress their skills. If you live on the north Island check it out!


April ’17

Killer JumpCamp ’17 season! Thanks to our rad coaches; Bubba Muldoe, Olaf Larsen, Eli Blake and Damian Toovey for sharing their wisdom and all our amazing sponsors; Onethirtythree, Blue Toque, RK Designs, Sandbox, Thrifty Foods, White Whale, Spy, Kindred, PlayNTrade, EpicBoardSkins, Yummies & Gyros, Skidlords, Dodge City Cycles and Volcom.

jumpcamp 2017

Feb ’17

It’s that time again folks. Quick as a flash JumpCamp is here March 11, 12.

Sign up today and learn to fly!


Mega snow!

Well, Ned Stark was right when he kept saying that “winter is coming”. It is here.


We have been doing some major high altitude training to prepare for JumpCamp.


Make some shred memories this year at JumpCamp.

Manning Park ’17

We had so much fun last year that we’re going back to Manning Park March 15, 16!


Ole likes to be so close to the future flyers that he can talk to them mid air.


Support your local dealer. 

Our pals at Kindred Snowboards have been kind enough to set us up with some amazing boards this year. They make custom shred sticks right here in Merville. Check em out.



Disco Stu is diggin’ this board!



Like the “Big” guy said “if you don’t know, now you know.”


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January ’17

JumpCamp was honoured to be part of the 6th Street Rail Jam.

The street was shut down, covered with snow, rails, and jumps for the homies from VI Riders, Mount Washington Freestyle Club and of course JumpCamp to shralp. There were 1500 people in the streets, up on the roofs and hanging out of windows watching the madness go down.

6th street rail Jam

RailJam 2017


“Little to the left boys…”

RailJam 2017


And voila, 6th Street is transformed into a shred park.

RailJam 2017

Bubba was rippin’ up the coarse!

RailJam 2017

“It’s an honour to receive this prestigious award.”

Thanks to Eric, Mary-Ellen, Kindred bros, VIRider homies, MtWash Freestyle Club dogs, my fellow JumpCamp amigos, SkiTakHut and Devon at the Avalanche for the award.

Check out more rad photos from the streets!

6th Street Rail Jam – Photos by Todd MacSween

6th Street Rail Jam Slideshow – Comox Valley Record


JumpCamp Donation

Thanks to a donation from JumpCamp, Vancouver Island’s Premier Snowboard Camp, a youth in John Howard KidStart has a brand new skateboard and helmet! Pictured are Patrick and Rebecca Kitto from JumpCamp with Comox Valley KidStart coordinator Wendy Thurlborn (centre).

Kidstart donation


Dec. ’16

“Forbidden’s Future” in Dec. issue of InFocus mag

A look at the historic recreation site, as concerned local citizens and decision-makers ponder its future

By Kerry Hale • December & January 2017

InFocus Magazine

Abandoned since the day lodge caved in under heavy snowfall in 1999, the site of the Forbidden Plateau ski hill is in need of attention to wash away the wear and grime of almost two decades of inactivity, allowing for the magnificent land to rest in a state befitting its natural allure. Photo by Boomer Jerritt

Abandoned since the day lodge caved in under heavy snowfall in 1999, the site of the Forbidden Plateau ski hill is in need of attention to wash away the wear and grime of almost two decades of inactivity, allowing for the magnificent land to rest in a state befitting its natural allure. Photo by Boomer Jerritt



“We just want Forbidden to continue to be a local treasure for mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers and families to play on,” says Patrick Kitto, owner of JumpCamp. Above, Joel Loverin practices his moves at Forbidden. Photo by Patrick Kitto

“We just want Forbidden to continue to be a local treasure for mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers and families to play on,” says Patrick Kitto, owner of JumpCamp.


August ’16

Coleman Speed & Cycle Grand Opening Party

Sponsored by JumpCamp; lovers of snowboarding and also motorcycles.

Speed & Cycle grand opening

Coleman Speed & Cycle Grand Opening Shaker!

Friday August 26, 2pm til late
1920 Coleman rd, Courtenay
Bikes, Swap Meet, Show n Shine, Booze, Bros, BBQ
Admission $5
Door prizes all day from rad sponsors: Weaver’s Leather, Onethirtythree, JumpCamp, Om Boys, Skidlords, Risk Takers Designs, Motorcycho, RK Designs, Freewheelin Leather and Comox Valley Boxing Club.
Contact Ben for Swap Meet and Vendor info at (250) 650-6009

Support your local speed dealer.


July 2016

SkateCamp Alert Bay '16

SkateCamp Pics

Since last year's SkateCamp in Alert Bay was so awesome the JumpCamp crew loaded up the camping gear and headed back for more! It was great to be back and see all the locals still ripping' it up. Thanks to coaches Damian Toovey, James Serrano, the Village of Alert Bay for the amazing hospitality and our awesome sponsors: Onethirtythree, Blue Toque, RK Designs, Cove Surf Shop, Sandbox, IGA Port McNeill, BC Ferries, Skidlords & Volcom. We'll definitely be back to fish, lay on the beach and skate this rad park again!

alert-camp2 alert-camp1SkateCamp 2016 Alert Bay

May 2016

The shred season is over and JumpCamp has one more beauty for the books.

This year JumpCamp changed things up taking the show on the road from our beloved Forbidden Plateau to a couple of resorts.

Yes, in this topsy, turvy world we live in JumpCamp was finally accepted… to host sessions at Manning Park and Mount Washington.

The future looks bright!

It was an amazing season for weather. We had more powder than ever and conditions were totally awesome for JumpCamp! Mother Nature really came through for us, especially after last year’s lack of snow.

All the campers loved the new setup and really pushed the pace during JumpCamp sessions. It’s always amazing to see the next generation progress and improve their shred skills.

Fresh, cold powder at the end of March? Uh huh.

Thanks to everyone at Manning Park and Mount Washington for all the hospitality. We will be back.
Still going strong after over a decade, JumpCamp would like to give a big thanks to all the campers over the years, coaches and especially the local sponsors; Onethirtythree, RK Designs, Thrifty Foods, Yummies & Gyros, Boardwalk, Comox Valley Boxing Club, Play’N’Trade, The White Whale, Dodge City Cycles, Kindred snowboards and EpicBoardSkins for their continued support over the years.

These guys are very important to the success of JumpCamp.

Support companies that support snowboarding.

January 2016

JumpCamp is taking the Show on the Road!

Snow report:

Vancouver Island has been getting plowed with snow this year. Lots of killer storm boarding days when your tracks get covered up by the time you get back to them and some real beauty sunny days for touring around the backcountry.

Powder! Photo by megabro Jeremy Levin

Definitely the best season in the last three years! Haha

Still don’t believe me? 

Since we had no snow on the Island last spring we weren’t able to run JumpCamp so we really miss our JumpCamper buddies. This year we’re going to make up for it by getting twice as many hot dogs as usual, and we’re going to remember to bring the ketchup.

BBQ launch! Nothing quite like the sweet smell of burgers and dogs while you hit jumps.

Tour news:

This year JumpCamp is changing things up and taking the show on the road. Manning Park March 17, 18 and Mount Washington March 26, 27. We’re very stoked to be setting up shop at both of these awesome resorts. 

JumpCamp is for snowboarders of all ages and abilities who want to progress their freestyle skills.

Located on the Hope-Princeton Highway (Hwy. 3), Manning Park Resort is in the heart of the Cascade Mountain Range in beautiful southern British Columbia.

Manning lift

Manning Park is like Forbidden Plateau back when it was still open.

The camp cost is $225 and includes passes, professional instruction in our private park, on mountain lunch and bbq both days and prize giveaways from our sponsors.

Prices are in Canadian dollars including tax. There is limited space available so register early. Registration must be done prior to the camp chosen. Payments can be made by cash, PayPal, certified cheque or money order. Please make certified cheques payable to “JumpCamp”.

Registration can be made anytime at http: www.jumpcamp.com/register or by calling Patrick at (250) 871-6836.

From the beginner “shred” to the experienced, our coaches will help sharpen your freestyle skills on a personal one on one level. Each camper will become a much stronger rider during this two day clinic. Guaranteed!

If you live in the lower Mainland, Princeton, Hope or in a camper on Highway 3 get your butt there!

Learn the skills to hit the Manning Park terrain park at JumpCamp March 17, 18!

Thanks to our amazing sponsors that support the youth in snowboarding.

Stay frosty!

August 2015

SkateCamp Alert Bay

After an amazing SkateCamp in Courtenay my main man Ole recommended we do one where he lives in Alert Bay so we set it up.The local kids showed up ready to rock and all their skateboarding skills progressed and improved big time ripping around the ocean front park for two days. Thanks a lot to the Village of Alert Bay, coaches Bubba Muldoe, Damian Toovey, Olaf Christian Larsen and our awesome sponsors; Onethirtythree, Blue Toque, Skidlords, RK Designs, Cove Apparel, JumpCamp, Play N Trade, Sandbox, Spy, IGA Port McNeill, BC Ferries & Volcom. We’ll definitely be back to fish and skate this rad park again!

Skate Camp Alert Bay

July 2015

SkateCamp Courtenay

Since the winter on the Island sucked, here at JumpCamp we’re trying to make up for it other ways and this summer we’ve brought back “SkateCamp”. Really creative name, we know.
We’ve just wrapped up a successful SkateCamp in Courtenay at the Linc Youth Centre and we’ve been asked by the village of Alert Bay to do one there so keep posted for that info.
Always a big thanks to our amazing sponsors: Onethirtythree, Blue Toque, Skidlords, RK Designs, JumpCamp, Yummies and Gyros, Play N Trade, Sandbox, Thrifty Foods, Spy & Volcom.

JumpCamp Skate Camp Linc Courtenay

April 2015

No snow, no JumpCamp

Well, as you know, the '14/'15 shred season here on the Island wasn't very good. Cain opened for 3 weekends, MountWashedup was sort of open for about a month and a half and our sweet baby Forbidden Plateau didn't really get enough snow to make touring around worth it. We tried to appease the snow gods by making sacrifices. We burned a whole bunch of skis, Ole's old jeans and some other stuff but it didn't work. I think we actually did more damage to the ozone layer than anything but we were very desperate.  


We're going to be touring JumpCamp around next year so we went out on a scouting mission to Revy to shred and check the possibilities. Thanks to Dan Sculnick at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and J.C. at the Sutton Place Hotel for the amazing hospitality.

Killer setup at the Sutton Place Hotel. Thanks to JC for the hookups!

RMR rocks! What do you think of JumpCamp in Revy next year? Hmmm...

First run we were shaky, second run we were rippin', third run our legs were tired!

This year, that is powder!

JumpCamp sponsors local MMA warrior Chris "Bukwas" Anderson

Our Comox Valley Boxing Club bro and current Canadian welterweight champion; Chris "Bukwas" Anderson is getting ready to go back into the cage. He's been putting in tons of work and is strong, fast and very accurate. JumpCamp is proud to be a sponsor of this rising star. 

 Support your local athletes!

Sweet shorts homie!


Todd Stewart (left) holds the BFL belt while Jonny Mac holds Chris Anderson's new HKFC belt.


Mountain Life Magazine

Thanks a lot to Feet Banks for this killer article about our little shred paradise; Forbidden Plateau in the latest Mountain Life magazine Coast Mountain edition. We've got dick all for snow this year but we keep getting press. Hahaha! 

 Viva la JumpCamp! 

See ya at the beach cool guy.

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August 2014

Connect the Dots...

What do we do in the summer while we're dreaming of shredding? Skate of course!

Check out our entry in this year's Connect the Dots photo/video contest. Thanks to Dave Prothero and the rest of the bros involved. You guys rule!

February 2014

Forbidden Plateau Snow Report:

Snow Depth: Way deeper than my dog.

Weather: Snowy and cold then the next day warm.

Winds: Blowin' like a hootnanny!

Forecast: Big crazy powdery windlips everywhere.

”People weren’t made to fly, thats why we make kickers.”

”The best thing about skiing backwards is you can see where you’ve been.”

-Warren Miller ( funny old skier dude )

Winter Bites Festival

This year JumpCamp had the pleasure of being part of the Winter Bites Festival. A downtown jamboree with live music, fire pits, an outdoor ice rink, petting zoo, rad food vendors and the JumpCamp crew launching big airs. Originaly we were going to be running full on JumpCamp sessions in the mini park but that got squashed due to liability and just the JumpCamp coaches were cleared to launch. Apparently they had no problem with us hurting ourselves. Ha! Thanks to everyone at Discover Comox Valley for all the loads of snow!

An interesting little diddy about the current state of ski resorts with a nice Forbidden Plateau cameo at 1:35.


RMR Rules!

During the draught of 2014 we went on a little trip to get a snow fix and test the new Forbidden sticks. The conditions were wicked and the hospitality was too. Thanks to Corinna Komdeur at the Sutton Place Hotel and Ashley Tait at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. We'll be back real soon!


Thanks to Epic Board Skins!

 So our friends at Epic Board Skins have done it again! I needed a JumpCamp sign done up and not only did they whip up a killer skin but it's reflective so there's no way you'll miss it on your way to Forbidden. If you need any promotional gear or custom signage go see our pals at Epic. Thanks again guys!


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